Xavier Santamaria in the Top Five publications of Human Reproduction Update

The scientific publication of our researcher Xavier Santamaria Md, PhD has been selected as one of the top five publications of Human Reproduction Update.

Basic research studies have identified endometrial/myometrial stem cells and their niches in the endometrium and myometrium from animals and humans.

This extensive basic knowledge is being translated from the bench to the bedside in certain incurable uterine pathologies. Additionally, the understanding of endometrial physiology and the implication of bone marrow-derived stem cells (BMDSCs) has also opened the field for exogenous and autologous sources of stem cells. This manuscript reports a comprehensive search of peer-reviewed literature related to the contribution of bone marrow, endometrial and myometrial stem cells and their implications in pathologies of the human uterus.

Tremendous progress has been achieved in the understanding of endometrial and myometrial stem/progenitor cells in both human and mouse models. In this article the discovery and main characteristics of stem cells in the murine and human endometrium and myometrium are presented, together with the relevance of their niches and cross-regulation.

Current research has led to development of advanced stem cell therapies using bone marrow- derived stem cells (BMDSCs) for treatment of Asherman’s syndrome and atrophic endometrium, and to unravel the contribution of myometrial stem cells in the growth of uterine myoma. Advances in tissue engineering are also reviewed.

More than a decade after their discovery, knowledge about uterine stem cells is starting to crystalize into novel therapeutic approaches aiming to treat with stem cells those conditions that cannot be cured with drugs. Further improvements are needed, but the basic understanding and knowledge has been obtained to develop this novel therapeutic approach.


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