We started Igenomix back in 2011 along with a group of visionaries and scientists. Our engagement focus was on the patient seeking for reproductive medical treatment with one idea in mind: to obtain a healthy baby at home.

Now, with the latest scientific advances in genetics, single cell transcriptomics and cell free DNA, the time to evolve to IVF 2.0 has come.

This is the prime reason for the Igenomix Foundation to exist. The translation of scientific knowledge to reproductive medicine in an evidence-based approach is our vision and passion.

We are here to eradicate infertility and change and improve the way that IVF 1.0 is done. But, don’t take our word for it. 

We are currently improving the efficiency and safety of reproductive procedures for the benefit of patients worldwide and will continue to do so. We practice the untaught art of staying above the fray to promote new and effective diagnostic tests that disrupt clinical practice.

We are a passionate and dynamic group of over 250 scientists, engineers, bioinformatics specialists, genetic counsellors, entrepreneurs and technicians, taking a new approach to change the lives of infertile couples worldwide.

Prof. Carlos Simón

The staff at Igenomix Foundation actively works in research and employs the most advanced techniques applied to reproductive genetics.

Foundation purposes


Education in reproductive health, both for professionals and the general public.


Research in the field of Reproductive Medicine, with a particular focus on genomics and bioinformatics.


Dissemination of advances in research and studies related to the promotion and improvement of human reproduction.


Development of initiatives that seek to improve the quality of healthcare in reproductive medicine.


Scientific Team

Carlos Simón MD, PhD
Head of the Scientific Advisory Board

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Felipe Vilella, PhD
Basic Research Director

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Carmen Rubio, PhD
Research Director

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Inmaculada Moreno, PhD
Research Manager

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Xavier Santamaria MD, PhD
Director Asherman’s Project

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Aymara Mas, PhD

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Tamara Garrido, PhD

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Scientific Commitee

Carlos Simón MD, PhD
Head of the Scientific Advisory Board

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Members of Scientific Advisory Board

Juan Carlos Izpisúa Belmonte

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Michael Alper

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Eric A Widra

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In compliance with Act 19/2013 on Transparency, Access to Public Information and Good Governance, the information relating to the formation of Igenomix Foundation is published on this page.

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Research on Reproductive Medicine, focusing on genomics,
bioinformatics and the factors that affect human reproduction.

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