We started Igenomix back in 2011 along with a group of visionaries and scientists. Our engagement focus was on the patient seeking for reproductive medical treatment with one idea in mind: to obtain a healthy baby at home.

Now, with the latest scientific advances in genetics, single cell transcriptomics and cell free DNA, the time to evolve to IVF 2.0 has come.

This is the prime reason for the Igenomix Foundation to exist. The translation of scientific knowledge to reproductive medicine in an evidence-based approach is our vision and passion.

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Prof. Carlos Simón


Foundation Team

Our team is formed of highly qualified researchers focused on the field of Reproductive Medicine.

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Research lines

Our activity predominantly involves research in Reproductive Medicine. There is a particular focus on the fields of regenerative medicine concerning the endometrium and genomic studies on embryonic viability and endometrial receptivity, as well as other factors that cause infertility.